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Expat Vida Uptown Commercial


The Growth of a New Address


Expat’s flagship project, Expat VIDA Uptown is a large integrated township with residences and lifestyle options built within. Designed with a focus on affordability without any compromise, the premise houses a boutique hotel, an entertainment center and the High Street. The High Street is an integrated offering of large retail stores at the ground level and smart office spaces above.

As towns often grew alongside main routes, in order to tap the possibilities for trade presented by passers-by, the name “High Street” became the name of urban roads containing shops, and hence evolved over time to the main retail center of town. This is Expat VIDA Uptown’s heartbeat - a melting pot of work and leisure.

Directions from Panjim


Retail Landscape In Goa

India’s current retail market is pegged at an average annual growth of 16- 18%. Driven by income growth, urbanization and attitudinal shifts, the retail market is expected to double to $1 Trillion by 2020.

With a population of 15 lakhs, Goa’s population is currently under-served and many people have to travel long distances to specific areas for significant purchases.

The Upper Panjim Growth Story - Retail Perspective
Kadamba Plateau Update : Nov 2018

Maximal Masterplan

For the confluence of offices, shopping and commercial entertainment options to interconnect with non intrusive living at our residences, Vida Uptown had to ensure orderly spaces and well articulated segments.

Balancing live work nodes and mixed use areas was essential to allowing the Vida Uptown community the freedom to thrive.

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