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At Vida Uptown Studios, you can now enjoy a getaway in Goa whenever you need to. ...

Expat Vida Uptown - Studio Apartments

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Vida means, ‘live your life’. We believe, life is a celebration, and we designed Vida Uptown Studio Apartments to house those moments. The ones that live with you for many years, and resurface when you recall those stories, the ones that define happiness and contentment for you, and make you want to do more, the ones with your family and loved ones, and even those quiet moments for yourself. We found the perfect spot in Goa, and we modelled the ideal home for you. Come, celebrate elite living at Vida Uptown.

Up Your Living Quotient

Vida Uptown’s residences have so much to offer, they heralded a new term in the industry! Choose your own Studio Apartments that are designed for maximum space and natural light.

Enjoy the security and bonhomie of community living that doesn’t intrude on your privacy. Choose your own spaces to relax or lounge about, without having to leave home, and at a price that promises to be the best in its class.


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Why Vida Uptown?


Directions from Panjim



  • Entertainment Centre - Ice Skating Rink
  • Multiplex
  • The Plaza at Upper Panjim
  • High Street
  • Balance - The Club
  • Medical Centre

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